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Heartsong's Custom Crocheted Treasures

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The song of guitars and tambourines
Greeted my newborn ears.
It was the sound of joy, laughter and love
That I would know for years.

My parents wandering minstrels were
Music was in my blood.
 I was singing and dancing from the cradle on
Making the crowds applaud.

My first violin I recieved
When I was a child of three.
The touch of the strings and the sound of the chords
Made me happy as could be!

 From my earliest years to many far countries
With my family I did roam
But now I have arrived in Athens
I feel I shall make it my home.

I grew up in a family of travelling performers.  We were always on the road singing, dancing, doing acrobatics, doing magic tricks or whatever the crowds would enjoy.  As the last of eight children, I was pampered and made a fuss over.  I truly enjoyed my role as the center of any performance! 
Everything was a family project, making up the performances, writing new songs and music, sewing the costumes, even doing chores.  Everything became a fun game...if we had to wash dishes, it would end up being a juggling challenge, if we had to gather firewood it would become a game to see who could pick up the sticks in the most original way.
I had a wonderful childhood, but as I grew older I started to feel the need to settle down in one spot.  As much as I loved my family, I came to crave a settled home of my own.  I decided to set up my own performing business in Athens.  Where could there be a better place?  Athens was the center of culture and learning.
I bought a small cottage near Athens and settled in for a life of performing for the same audience night after night.
(Heartsong used to be a character in a text-based MMORPG - Massively Multi-player On-line Role Play Game - called Alliance of Heroes.  She is now a character in The Lost fates. The game is set in an alternate reality of ancient Greece around 50 BC.  For more information click on the link below.)