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Pictures of my babies!


This is Lady.  She's an ancient (15 years old) German Shepherd/Keeshound mix.  She's got the most easy-going temperament. Unfortunately she passed away in July of 2007. She was 16 or 17. And is missed a lot.


Whisp-purrs is a 13 year-old calico.  She's mostly grey, but has orange on her head and legs and white on her chest.  Her tail has grey tiger stripes and her legs have orange tiger stripes.  She's all cat! Unfortunately she passed away later that year.


Can't see much in this picture because they were asleep and I didn't want to wake them.  They're a bit over 2 weeks old now.  One is black with dark grey marbling and the other is light grey with dark grey marbling.  They are already showing their personalities.  The darkest one is demanding and the lightest one is snuggly.  They both purr like crazy when their tummies are full and they're getting some love. I need to get more pictures of them. They're over a year and a half now and full of personality! The dark cats name is Sadie, she moved out with my old boarder, and I don't know how she is. The grey cat is Luka, she stayed with me and was my baby and sweetheart. Unfortunately she passed away in February of 2006. I miss her so much!

The above pictures are from when I lived in Michigan. In the summer of 2006 I moved to Georgia. David and I started fostering dogs in September of that same year. I started a Face Book page for them named Four-legged Foster Kids if anyone wants to follow it. I'll post pictures of our foster dogs here.