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Battle Craft

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To learn battlecraft moves you need first to have the skill to perform them.  Then go to the militia building in the NW quadrant and buy the manuals to learn the skills from.  Once you've studied the manuals, sometimes several times, you can learn the skill and perform it in battle.  To use a skill in battle type BATTLECRAFT and the name of the skill....or just BC (skill) will work, also.

Battlecraft Move
Skill Level
Description of Move
Manual Description
Manual Cost
Said to keep your foes dancing about for a time.
A tattered battle manual
50 dinars
The call of the wild that brings a woodland creature to your service.
A sturdy battle manual
150 dinars
Deliver a sharp, disorienting blow to opponents.
A crimson battle manual
400 dinars
A tiring move that packs a big punch.  It currently works best with slicing weapons.
A pristine battle manual
900 dinars
Sweep opponents right off their feet!
A leather battle manual
1850 dinars
Surprise a foe by engaging them quickly and delivering an attack all in one fell move.
A scarred battle manual
3250 dinars
Use pressure points to cause your foe's muscles to seize up.
A battered battle manual
4400 dinars

I will be adding a list of summonable creatures and the verbs that go with them soon.

As always, if you would like to submit information to me and I use it on my web site I'll put credits to you at the bottom of the page.  Thanks!