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This is an archive of the Aohlist items, courtesy of Leanna.

January 23, 2005
Those of you who read the AOH messageboards are probably aware that a
new event folder has been opened. This means that the Events Guru
herself, Jubalee, will be posting summaries of the most recent
events, which I will transfer here so that those of you who don't
read the boards can still easily access the summaries. I'm not done
reporting things either, though certain events that I miss completely
and obviously don't get enough information, we'll leave just at the
official summary. As far as other events go, you'll still get a
report from me as long as people are nice enough to share what they
saw. Think of this as an opportunity to actually see the events
through two different sources. There's a reason there's so many news
stations. ;)

So, without further ado, the below is courtesy of Jubalee in the
events Folder *Note:This is a summary of the event so far. The Newest
happenings are at the bottom.* T:
The Murder in Sparta
List of characters:

Nychta - A bounty hunter searching for her father's murderer.
Enanskios - An extremely strong fighter who could possibly be the
assassin of Nychta's father.
Remmish - Nychta's mentor and teacher.
Soltys - Nychta's gambling and womanizing older brother.
Cloaked figure - Mysterious figure that has been tailing Nychta.

Synopsis of what has happened so far:

One stormy night Enanskios washed up on shore at the beach near the
boardwalk. He had been shipwrecked and was the only survivor. He took
up residence in and around Athens.

A short time later Nychta arrived in Athens questioning people about
the assassination of her father. Saying she had information that he'd
fled to Athens after murdering her father.

Within a short time a merchant named Epiktetos arrived in Athens. He
sold a few pieces of jewelry, but was interrupted by the arrival of a
giant who said his employer demanded what the merchant had promised
him. Epiktetos seemed spooked and ran away. The next day his body was
found, he'd been murdered. Nychta, seeing that the murder had the
same MO as her father's murder figured that meant the assassin was
actually in Athens.

After snooping around, Nychta and a group of Athenians decided to
search the tunnels under Athens. They came across the giant who?d
spooked Epiktetos before. He was badly beaten and his tongue cut out.
Nychta tried to question him, but he soon died from his injuries,
after only revealing that he knew who the assassin was and that the
assassin was male.

Soon Enanskios began meeting with unsavory characters. Nychta walked
in on him trying to throttle Sid and a fight ensued. Both were
injured and Enanskios disappeared for a bit to lick his wounds.

Rumors arose about someone organizing the street urchins and petty
thieves of Athens and seemed to be substantiated when one of Athens
citizens talked to Nychta a bit about Enanskios and ended up poisoned
with silence poison as a "warning" by one of the street urchins.

Nychta found herself being followed by a mysterious cloaked figure
who disappeared every time he was cornered. She was worried about it
at first, but since he never tried to harm her she soon began to make
him follow her on wild goose chases almost to the point of becoming a

By this time everyone had questions they wanted to ask Enanskios. His
hideout in a cave in the blackberry woods. When they arrived at his
cave Enanskios went deeper into the tunnel and everyone followed him.
Suddenly the walls shook and there was a cave-in. They were all
trapped along with Enanskios and had to work together to overcome
many obstacles and finally found their way out. When they questioned
Enanskios afterwards he seemed quite upset about the cloaked figure
who was following Nychta and told her to leave town. He also revealed
a tattoo that he had on his arm that matched that of the cloaked
figure, but wouldn't reveal its source. Later Nychta remembered
seeing the same tattoo on Remmish.

A bit later Soltys showed up in town, flirting and going to the
gambling hall. Nychta ran into him and they hurled insults back and
forth. The next day Soltys showed up again, but this time Remmish
berated him and dragged him off. When Nychta found out about Remmish
being in town she was upset because he hadn't tried to find her.
Remmish had been closer to her than her own father when she was
growing up.

Enanskios, by now had become quite the enigma, not answering any
questions and having quite an attitude. It was obvious he knew more
than he'd admit, but nothing could drag it out of him.

One day Enanskios was at the gate. A drunken man arrived, making a
nuisance of himself and accusing Enanskios of breaking his sister?s
heart. Enanskios finally had enough of the man and walked off, but
the man followed him. Soon a scream was heard from the direction they
went. Several people went in the direction of the scream, but found
nothing. Enanskios walked back to the gate and denied anything about
the scream. The next day the city guards found a dead body. When
questioned about it later Enanskios didn?t deny or confirm that he
killed the man.

Time passed with several confrontations between Enanskios and the
citizens of Athens and also between Enanskios and Nyctha. None were
violent, just hurling insults back and forth. Enanskios still let
nothing slip about what he knew.

Which brings us up to the past week. It seems that Enanskios had
found a hut in Tiamat that he was using as his new quarters. The
cloaked man hinted at where it was and several groups of Athenians
found it. They searched the hut and found a disc, a letter and a
ledger page. When Enanskios found out his hut had been searched and
things stolen, he became angry and killed one of those who'd taken
his things. A few days later Nychta arrived and was shown the items
and the hut. She recognized the ledger page as having been torn out
of one of her fathers' books that had been stolen when he was
murdered. The disc was the same as the one found on her father's body
and also the body of Epiktetos, the merchant that had been killed in
Athens. The letter was in some kind of code.

After several days of trying to decipher the code, the Athenians
finally found out that it said, "Soltys tonight leave the disc get
out of town". Nychta took this as being the orders to kill her
father. And since the disc and her father's ledger page was in
Enanskios' hut, she figured he must be the one who killed her father.

Nychta, never being good at controlling her temper went ballistic,
she swore she'd kill Enanskios and finally located him in the Hoolig
Inn below Athens. When she arrived with a group of Athenians, most of
whom were trying to talk her out of fighting Enanskios, the cloaked
man was there with Enanskios. Nychta charged Enanskios and the
cloaked man ran off. Nychta and Enanskios fought, but because she was
in a blind rage, Nychta went down fast. Enanskios drew his knife and
was about to cut her throat when Remmish flew in through the door,
knocking Enanskios off of Nychta. The two men exchanged blows and
insults. Remmish was stabbed in the shoulder and Enanskios ran off.
After the fight Remmish took the unconscious Nychta and left.

What happens next is anyone's guess!


March 10, 2005
If you were one of those who didn't get the official newsletter,
Jacinda was kind enough to post it online as well:

Most of it has already been mentioned on this list when it first came
out, but there's a few things that I accidentally overlooked that are
in the newsletter.

The Open air agora is coming to Athens on the 18th (Next Friday). You
can check News 39 for more details on that.

As far as happenings go, I can't say I've really heard much. Nychta
has been around in seemingly good shape after her tussle with
Enanskios. Enanskios himself has been missing in action. If there's
been any further developments as to those two, please share them!
Dionysus has also been particularly active, singing songs drunkenly
from the shadows and generally being.. er.. Dionysus. Sid has also
taken a liking to the nautical and has started to pretend to be a
pirate more than can be considered sane. Watch out for the warhands
out the bar window. Also of note is the recent infestations of coal
sprites. They haven't done anything, as far as I can tell, but flit
around alot.

I'm sorry for the lack of posts in the last month. Midterms and
papers have worn me down, but I'm hoping to be back around in game
more often now and able to report whatever I see. In just a few
months, AOhlist will have been here for five years now. Oi. Doesn't
seem that long. I'm going to try not to start slacking off now!

March 26, 2005
I hope everyone had a good time with all the agora things this week.
As far as news, really not too much to report. There was an attack of
mercenaries on the gate, and investigation revealed that it was more
of a diversionary tactic. It seems the main target was the agora, but
I'm not aware of anything being stolen, so apparently they were
stopped in time.

If you've been in Athens of late, it's hard to miss the newest
addition to the guard- a rather big stone troll named Cleft. You can
tell he's a guard because the uniform is painted on him and
everything. Cleft, perhaps unfortunately, is a step up from the
guards we've had in the past. Don't be bad around him or you may find
yourself bopped on the head. He's quite amusing to watch and seems to
be fitting into Athens nicely.

As far as Nychta goes, her ne'er-do-well brother, Soltys, made a
visit at the gate the other night. He and Nychta got into an
argument, but it was no more vicious than sibling arguments normally
get. There was a bit of bickering about Soltys' complete lack of
caring about the murderer of their father and how he never did
anything he was supposed to, and Soltys mocked Nychta about...
well... being more competent at things than he is as far as I could

Discord has also been stirring up some trouble of late, killing
several Athenians in order to 'help' them reach a conclusion on a
lover's spat. She didn't stay long, however, saying she had business
with a warlord and also wanted to look into some land near the beach.

If there is anything I've missed, please share it with the list!

April 8, 2005
Various happenings of late. Cleft is still around being.. well..
Cleft. Autolycus has also been seen lately, but he was very quickly
scared off by Cleft. Finally a guard who knows how to do the job, hm?

In other news, it would appear that Athens may have a new warlord
after it. A bandit lackey dropped by the gate last night in order to
(incompetently) conduct a survey. He looked as follows:
The bandit lackey is wearing a snazzy black cotton number complete
with purple armband and parchment nametag.  The nametag reads "HELLO,
MY NAME IS: kNauGhtAlakI anD Iam knot a bAndIt!"

Knaughtalaki had quite a few questions to ask. It appears his job was
to take a survey of the Athenians. The questions were along the lines
of "Your perfect warlord would have.." and "Would you prefer your
occupying force to..." with options following each one. There were
also a few questions about gyro spinners that none of us could quite
understand.  After he finished his survey, he left, but apparently
returned later under the guise of an auditor. It would seem that no
one was helpful, becaues this notice was found pinned to the gate the
next day:

This notice is to hereby inform the citizens of aThinS have been
served for violation of warrants in civil law and cooperation with an
auditor and his duties.  All defensive and offensive military
equipment will be seized for official count and inspection within the
coming weeks.  Any citizen found tampering with aforementioned
equipment is subject to penalties and fines not exceeding nor limited
to 10 years in prison and 2000 dinars.

Make of it what you will. If anyone wants to fill in any missing
information, please do, as I wasn't around when Knaughtalaki
returned. Also, if anything else has occured, and I missed it, share
that too!

April 25, 2005
If you haven't heard by now, Pireaus was conquered by a warlord two
days ago. As of yet, the warlord has not shown himself or even given
us a name. He is likely very crafty, as he took advantage of the
Athenians being preoccupied with Caradoc to attack. Pireaus fell
within fifteen minutes or so of the mercenary troops being
discovered. The gates were closed for about half a day, but then
opened again later to reveal the rubble. The next morning, the
warlord apparently sent an errand boy to the gate to tell the
Athenians that the merchants of Pireaus would be back soon and
business would go about as usual for the most part, minus the
converted temples to Ares, the destroyed buildings, and, of course,
the warlord in charge. The warlord has also converted the council
house of Pireaus into his personal office. His followers can be known
by the purple armbands they wear on their bicep.

I mentioned Caradoc above. The truth is, I don't feel confident
enough to try to explain what's going on with him at this moment and
feel my jumbled attempts would only confuse people. So, I ask that
anyone who does understand it better would share it with the list so
everyone can be caught up. If no one does within the next few days,
I'll give my attempt, but it would be better for everyone all around
if someone more knowledgeable about the subject did it as I wasn't in
Hades and don't really know much about the conversations that took
place there. ;)


April 25, 2005
Feral posted the following on the AOH boards. I've copied it over
here with permission so that those of you not on the boards can read
it. :)

Caradoc was a captain in the army of the Trinovantes, a Britannian
tribe allied with the Romans. He originally came to Athens on a
mission to secure control of their rival tribe, the Catuvellauni. He
was betrayed by his lieutenant and prevented from succeeding by the

Foremost among those who were instrumental in stopping him were
Cervesus, Quinlax and Xxenos, who led him a merry chase before
Quinlax killed him in combat. Witnesses to Caradoc?s death claimed
that the body disappeared as a voice was heard to say, "He is mine".

The Return:
Many months later, after most had forgotten the strange event at
Caradoc?s death, the Sorceress Adie admitted to the Athenians that
she and her partner Drasnian had accidentally opened a portal to the
underworld during one of their magical experiments. This caused wave
after wave of undead creatures to attack the city, eventually being
repelled with the help of the bone-hilted daggers imbued with divine
fire that Adie provided.

This was not the end of it however. Adie later admitted that it was
not just mindless creatures which escaped through the portal - a
human soul had been somehow ripped out while they were trying to
close it. Not knowing the full story, Adie could only impart some
images and impressions that led the Athenians to believe that Caradoc
had somehow returned.

This belief has since been proved fact, as Caradoc himself has
taunted various defenders during brutal undead invasions of the city.
His purposes remain unclear, but many have admitted to hearing
strange voices before being attacked by the undead. Pooled
information shows that these attacks have been synchronised,
occurring at the same times to people all over Greece, Midgard and

While no one person seems to be the focus for these attacks, Caradoc
does seem to retain his anger and enmity for those who were
instrumental in his death, or connected in any way to his life. He
killed Quinlax and Xxenos after taunting them, but still he reveals
nothing of his purpose.

Following yet another attack on the city, Caradoc himself appeared
and began to attack Asantewaa with magic while Anika and Moiria
watched helplessly, unable to intervene. During the fight, a
beautiful woman with black hair appeared and was heard to
exclaim, "Caradoc, you go too far!" before hitting him with some
strange power that knocked him away from the area.

The woman revealed herself to be Zandramas, and witnesses are sure
that she is the source of the voices that have been heard before
attacks. Zandramas revealed nothing, she merely summoned a wave of
pure darkness and killed the three defenders where they stood.

Things seemed to settle down after that, with only minor undead
attacks and no further overt appearances by either Caradoc or
Zandramas. But recently members of the male population of Athens have
been struck with visions and dreams that depict a beautiful dark
haired woman in torment. Faint whisperings keep asking for help "or
all is lost" and midnight black roses have appeared in the Palace
gardens (rose arbor) and at the Peiraic gate.

Only the women seem to be exempt from these "visitations" and nobody
is sure who or what they are about. In an effort to find out, a group
of Athenians made the decision to go into the Underworld to see if
they could find any answers to the many questions. They first went to
Hades' castle and tried to call upon the God for aid, he was heard to
answer; "This it not of my doing mortal, I will not help you."

The group then received a vision of a stake wreathed in flame near a
stalagmite and they located the area only to find that the ropes
which had held the woman were broken with no sign of the captive.
Caradoc then turned up and announced that the woman is his, as is her
power. It seems that Caradoc twisted the woman's compassion and
humanity and used it to weaken and control her. Caradoc then flew
into a rage when Lugotorix and Cassivellaunus were mentioned and
summoned plague fiends to attack the group.

Once the fiends were defeated, the group left the Underworld and
returned to Athens. Later on, witnesses at the gate spoke of seeing a
vision of bone runes falling but not landing, accompanying this was a
feeling that something bad is going to happen.

Just a bit to add to this.
Several men received visions today, and the vision has changed a bit.
It now shows the broken stake with the ropes, and then shifts to two
women staring determinedly at each other in front of a castle in some
cavern. Some Athenians went down to the castle in Hades to see if
that was it, and they were again told by Hades that he would not
assist them. If anyone has anything to add, please do.


April 29, 2005
Alright, let's see if I can't sum what's happened over the last few
days up. And by sum up, I mean really summed up. Anyone can feel free
to elaborate on points if they wish. ;)

Adie, the sorceress who makes orbs and whatnot in the priest shop in
the northwest quadrant got kidnapped by Caradoc. There were a bunch
visions, but I honestly don't remember what all they were. The black
roses began to appear in different locations all around Athens and
surrounding areas, and with them bone runes began to appear. The
appeared in the following order: Kenaz, Ansuz (reversed), Perthro,
Thurisaz (reversed), Ehwaz, Nauthiz, Hagalez, Mannaz, and Algiz.

Today, some Athenians received a vision which showed the first, the
second, and the seventh rune falling away from the rest, complete
the feeling of being lost in the past. Laying those runes (Kenaz,
Ansuz, Hagalez) out at the gate resulted in one being taken over and
intoning, "There have been visions and dreams, there has been
and manipulation.  Destructive forces are gathering and cannot be

After the realization that these runes were dealing with the past,
another Athenian received a vision of the third, the fourth and the
eighth rune falling, with the feeling of anger at what was going on.
These runes (Perthro, Thurisaz, and Mannaz) were laid out, and yet
another person was taken over, with this being the result: "Many
things are hidden and wrapped in lies for there is a great evil that
must be brought into the light before any aid can be granted."

Finally, a vision was received of the fifth, sixth, and ninth runes
falling, with a feeling of hope for the future. That'd be Ehwaz,
Nauthiz, and Algiz if you're curious.  Another person was taken over,
and intoned, "There will be a summoning, a movement of souls, there
will be dire conflict.... Only the gods can save you now."

What all of these mean, we're not quite certain, except it doesn't
seem too positive. It would seem that Caradoc also appeared at the
gate later, generally being unpleasant and acting like... well..
Caradoc. Important things of note from the conversation: Caradoc
apparently has called Jostinian on an earlier pact made, and
is being forced to be on Caradoc's side in the upcoming battle. He is
also being required to kill someone. On top of that,Caradoc said that
the woman's powers would be his in two days (That would make it
Saturday) and that's when his fun begins.

This was written in a bit of a rush, so if anything is wrong, please
let the list know. Thanks to Vatholian for informing me of all that
happened with Caradoc, and Cindi for the rune order.


April 29, 2005

Brief recount as to what happened today. It would seem that another vision was had and the woman (presumed now to be Zandramas) is dying. She stated that tomorrow Caradoc will have all her power, and that the Athenians must defeat him. The Athenians are to be resolved to this, even though the woman might die. I believe she also said that Caradoc could be harmed when he was at his most triumphant.

Apparently, Persephone also talked to the Athenians because she saw they needed help. She promised they would not be alone and she would try to help in what way she could.

Caradoc also gained possession of his beloved torc again, which apparently was a symbol of honor. No one's quite sure why he so desperately wanted it again, but it's generally assumed that if he wanted it so badly, we didn't really want him to have it. Still, after a chase through Athens, the person who had the torc was killed and Caradoc retrieved it.

 So, it looks like it all comes down tomorrow. If any of the above is incorrect, or if anyone has anything to add, please do so. I heard most of it second-hand which makes the details a bit foggy.


May 8, 2005

A couple of things to report. For one, Caradoc has been defeated... Again. But supposedly for good this time. It started that evening when the men began attacking everyone else after touching the black roses all around Athens. After a bit of a drawn out battle, the sorceress Adie arrived. She apparently had managed to steal Caradoc's torc and used it to get free. She led those not under Caradoc's influence to a temple of Persephone, where Persephone herself arrived and summoned Caradoc, using the torc for bait. Caradoc fell for it, and was immediately subdued by the goddess. She then called for Hades, and Hades dragged Caradoc to Tartarus, saying that there was a nice stake waiting for him. Persephone also opened the eyes of all the Athenians so that we could see what really transpired. It would appear that the 'woman' in danger was really a succubus controlled by Zandramas, who sought to cause us to fight amongst ourselves. Incidentally, the succubus herself apparently died in the palace gardens sometime after this all took place. After showing the truth, Persephone then offered membership to her trust to all present. Those who weren't there can still join the Trust of Persephone. Just seek out the priestess of Persephone that wanders around Athens and talk to her to find out what you need to do.

In other news, you now have to pay a toll to even get into Piraeus as well as to get into the docks and other places in town. A fellow who is dressed rather finely and has nice armor has also been spotted walking around Piraeus on occasion, though no one has managed to convince him to talk. This same fellow was blocked by guards when trying to enter the docks, and a few minutes later, a figure was seen cutting down both guards. The bodies were removed quickly by other guards, and replacements sent in. An errand boy then came in and informed the replacements that "He says not to make the same mistake." So, it looks like this fellow, whoever he is, is rather high up. Some have supposed that he's the warlord himself, but who's to say?

A visit with Albrecht, the tiny man in the warlord's office, revealed that the 'man in charge' is named Kamarthi (yes! We have a name!). When asked if this Kamarthi worked for the warlord, Albrecht said something along the lines of, "I'll let you ask him that yourself. "Works for" is one way of putting it." When questioned if "is" is another way of putting it, Albrecht simply said, "Could be."

If there are any corrections, please let the list know.


May 31, 2005
I apologize for being a bit lazy with the news lately. Work has interefered with my energy.
To sum up the last couple weeks, we have met the man who claims to be the warlord's right hand man, Vasileios. He came to Athens seeking better food than what Piraeus has, and several Athenians took him to a restaurant and had a fairly long conversation with him. He says that the warlord has not told him any intention of invading Athens, but he also admitted that the warlord has been more secretive than usual as of late. He listened to a few complaints, then promised to arrange a way to enter the crypt in Piraeus again, saying that they thought they were doing a favor when they closed it. He also was upset to hear about the tolls to enter the shops- they apparently weren't authorized. Quickly after the conversations, the tolls were removed on Piraeus except for the docks and the gate, which were lowered.
About a week later, the gate was 'invaded' by quite an assortment, apparently as a training exercise for the warlord. The rules were that if any of those invading managed to live, they would get to join the warlord's army. If they didn't, well, they were dead. The only one to give the Athenians any trouble was Philotes, who managed to kill several. She failed the exam as well, however, which is lucky for Athens because she could barely be touched. Vasileios came to the gate afterwards, saying he didn't like the idea of using the Athenians to test troops to begin with, and promising that he would try to make sure it didn't happen again. He also said that he was looking forward to the party and that he would be sure to attend.
The party, if you don't know, is being organized by the Athenians. The warlord and his men are invited as it is hoped that we finally meet him and get a chance to have an idea who we're up against. It will be held on this Friday, June 3, at 9:00 EST at the Boardwalk. The Boardwalk was chosen because it is a neutral place in between Piraeus and Athens. Everyone is encouraged to attend, but please try to be polite, even if what you really want to do is kill them all. It is, after all, an opportunity to get what information we can, and preferably avoid future trouble. Several Athenians went out last night to formally allow the warlord to know of the time of the party, and the message was taken again by Albrecht. Incidentally, Albrecht was asked about the language scrolls shop in Piraeus, and he said he'd see what he could do about getting it reopened. This won't be done for free, however, and Albrecht said he would be in touch over what he required in order for him to get it reopened. The scrolls that were in Piraeus are the plain Egyptian and Norse scrolls.
Anything I've missed? Please let the list know! ~Leanna

August 18, 2005
It's been quite a busy week. Kamarthi has been sending mercenaries
in almost daily to fight us, killing guards while we're distracted.
So far, the corpses of around six guards have been discovered, and
it's possible there was more. The only reasoning for his actions we
have received was courtesy of a bloodstained arrow and a note that
loosely read, "You are always complaining about them. Besides, they
were in my way. -K" (I don't have the exact wording. If anyone does,
share with the list!) One of the guards was found to be carrying a
coffer that contained a sun dried piranha.

While everyone was running around Athens chasing these dead bodies
about, howling was heard from the south.  So of course, being hard-
headed and gluttons for punishment... run to Piraeus!  On the way
there a messenger was spotted complete with a dozen guards and an
infinite supply of canine escorts.  The messenger immediately
screamed for his convoy to "Get them!" and all hades broke loose. 
Funny enough, though, the messenger didn't run and was summarily
dispatched, dropping an ordinary looking sack containing an ordinary
looking piece of parchment.  Further inspection of this bit of paper
revealed the following:
          The note has been addressed to "The Prince" and reads
          as follows:

          I see your point.  I am beginning to think that the
          eagle has begun to fly a bit too high.  Prepare the
          men.  The dragon shall be reborn.

          Also be warned, word has been sent and she is on her
          way.  The pirahna will soon call the shores of our
          little experiment home.

           )\        /(       )\        /(       )\        /(
          )__\      /__(     )__\      /__(     )__\      /__(
           ) /\    /\ (       ) /\    /\ (       ) /\    /\ (
            /^|\^^/|^\         /^|\^^/|^\         /^|\^^/|^\
              (V\/V)             (V\/V)             (V\/V)
               \\//               \\//               \\//
               (oo)               (oo)               (oo)
                )}                 ||                 {(
               //                  ||                  \\
              ((                   ||                   ))
              /^\                 /^^\                 /^\

Since then, both Nychta and Autolycus (and in that order) have
reported that a ship is due to dock in Piraeus sometime this week.
Even more interesting- the ship's captain is female. Autolycus was
none too pleased about being second in this little race of
information, and claimed he was held up only because he was busy
stealing a diamond from the warlord's hoard. Nychta was completely
unphased by Autolycus' sulking, as is to be expected.

Of course, Nychta has had her own share of problems lately.
Rubertius, an ugly and deformed fellow unless you consider eyes
missing their lids and cheeks missing their skin handsome, has been
playing cat and mouse games with her from the shadows. According to
Nychta's, Rubertius was a sadistic landowner who got his jollies by
experimenting. This pursuit of knowledge wouldn't have been a
problem if it wasn't centered on how live human subjects react to
acid. The villagers in the surrounding area hired Nychta to save
them from this mad scientist, which she did. She thought they would
kill him when she handed him over to their care, but it would appear
they failed to do so. Instead of a quick and assured death, they
simply tortured Rubertius in the same way he had tortured their
friends and family. Unfortunately for them (and us), Rubertius
survived and is now in Athens for some revenge of his own. He's also
more than happy to kill and maim anyone who gets in his way,
including all of us. I have been told that he's fond of using a
poison that doesn't have a cure, administered by well aimed darts.
Be on your guard.

Some people have told me they didn't receive the e-mail with the
prophecy, so I'm repeating the prophecy below:
"And lo from upon Olympus, shall the Lord Dionysus bemoan the
arrival of his scaled nemesis that shall beach herself upon the
stricken bay of Ares. This minion of Poseidon's realm inks doom
in thick crimson, poured free from a mighty quill sprung from the
bow of one of the 9."

Got anything add or see a correction that needs to be made? Let me
know! Also, for those curious, at the end of July AOHlist became 5
years old. Happy Birthday to us, and here's hoping for another 5
years. ;)

August 31, 2003
What happens when you combine a prince, a piranha, a pair of
prophecies,  a plethora of plundering pirates, and a Phoenician
warship possessed by a pirate named Psarigida laying out her plank
in Piraeus? Way too many Ps, for one. There's also a dragon and an
eagle, but I couldn't figure out a way to make them being with "P"
so they're just not as fun. For those who couldn't tell, the pirate
Psarigida has docked in Piraeus. Her adapted Phoenician round ship,
the IDS Diakopto, can be found a bit south of the docks to Midgard.
I use the term "Ship" loosely, as it's more likely a floating
arsenal in that it's jam packed with ballistas, war staves, and

A blackening well startled the Athenians the other night, reminding
several of the scrying bowl in Delphi. (It wasn't that the darkening
of the water that startled everyone, but that it, in fact, cleared
up afterwards, which is quite a rarity.) As suspected, when the bowl
was checked, the images and the prophecy had changed. It is now as
An image of a hand scratching a quill across parchment cuts through
the mists, the ink neatly penning the words, "To The Prince."  An
owl suddenly dives into the frame and snatches the paper, winging
into the sky and landing atop a statue of Triton high on an
octoganal tower.

A sharp scream is heard.


Kamarthi is pulling a blade from the back of a slain guard.

The owl watches from atop its perch, eyes unblinking.

The chiseled form of Zephyros scatters flowers from the sky.  One
down, seven to go.
As the scene pulls back from the stone winds, a voice recites:

      "Standing among woods of distant shores, a faithful steed will
       show you the way.  There, in the name of the dragon, an enemy
       shall be spared, or the eagle's talons shall drip with scarlet
       essence.  Then shall the 9 equal 1 and be bound by the golden
       avatar's banner of injustice."

My note: The octagonal tower referenced in the prophecy is the Tower
of Winds in Athens, and at the end of this news I'm going to add a
bit about the historical relevance and facts about the Tower.

Later that night, the captain of the ship finally made her
appearance. Mostly, she told the Athenians to get off her ship lest
she think we were doing more than looking and offered to call her
men if they didn't get the hint. The next night, she visited the
Peiraic Gate itself. Her name is Psarigida, and she boasted about
occasionally being called the Piranha, though she added that most
people didn't know her by that name for long. She inquired after an
inn room, claiming that she didn't want to sleep around the hired
killers in Piraeus. After several options, she chose the Sweet
Oblivi Inn, because she thought "Oblivion" sounded promising. It was
at this point she used the word "we", causing inklings of doubt to
creep into the minds of the Athenians present. Their suspicions were
justified, as the next day the Sweet Oblivi had been entirely
overrun with pirates, painted ladies, ferrets, and monkies. As for
Psarigida, she has not been seen to account for the situation.

Historical Relevance and Facts about The Tower of Winds

Also called the Horologian (Which means Timepiece) of Andronicus,
the edifice was built in approximately 50 B.C. by the Astronomer
Andronicus of Kyrros. It is called the Tower of Winds due the fact
that each side of this octagonal building has a frieze of a wind
god. A statue of Triton graced the top of the building on  swiveled
base so that his weapon would, theoretically, point in the direction
that the wind was blowing. In other words, the statue served as a
very fancy weather vane. The building also worked as a sundial, with
lines on the sides marking the hours when it was sunny, but was most
notably known for the rather complex water clock, a clepsydra, it
housed inside. This clock ran on water supplied by a spring on the
Acropolis. There is also some historical argument whether this
building could have housed a device that could actually chart the
positions of the planets, but historical evidence for this theory is

In relation to the prophecy, Zephyros is the west wind, and is
marked by the flowers he carries. The other winds are as follows:
Boreas (North) Blows the cold north wind through a large shell.
Notos (South) Carries a pot of water to bring the rain
Apeliotis (East) Marked by the grain he carries
Kaikias (Northeast) Holds a basket of hail
Skiron (Northwest) Scatters ashes
Lips (Southwest) Pushes along the stern of a ship
Evros (Southeast) An old man wrapped in a cloak

The Tower of the Winds can be found on our Rhea Road West in Athens.
Incidentally, it is considered one of the best perserved buildings
of antiquity and still stands today in Athens, minus the statue of
Triton and about half of the columns. You can see images of it here:

I may or may not continue providing historical background on things
that happen. It depends on whether you guys like it, or it bores you
to tears. I decided to on this one because it seems like it might be
useful to know when looking at the prophecy.

September 9, 2005
Quick update for you all. The visions in the prophecy have been
updated twice now, and they are as follows:

The prow of the IDS Diakopto breaks the prevailing mists, another,
larger cargo ship flanking its port side.  Your view pans out behind
the two ships, revealing the nearby ports of Piraeus in the
distance.  A lone figure stands on a promontory in sharp relief
against a blazing sunrise.

Your view suddenly flies in tight on the fore mast of the Diakopto
and the dragon-shaped pennant snapping in a stiff wind.

The view rushes downward to the deck in an unsettling way, ducking
through a hatch and twisting nauseatingly through cramped corridors
past dozens of busy crewmen.

Twisting through a final hatch, you find yourself hovering
uncertainly in the darkness of the hold.  Suddenly, two glowing red
eyes pierce the darkness, eclipsing the vertical bars lining the cage
they're within.

Closing in on the eyes reveals little of the surrounding face save
for the shimmer of scales.  A dark hand gently lowers onto the craggy
head, a gold signet ring on one of its fingers flashing in the red
The chiseled form of Boreas blows chill winds through a large conch
shell.  A gleaming white steed below stomps its fore hoof thrice.
And the next one:

A figure breaks through the prevailing mists, the face slowly coming
into focus to reveal Vasileios.  He stands upon a rocky outcropping
overlooking a barren ocean of sand, several mercenaries sneering
behind him as he looks into the distance.  One of the men raises a
bow toward Vasileios just as the shadow of a dragon swoops down from
the sky.

The mercenary releases the arrow, its fletchings humming as it
screams toward the unaware Vasileios.

The action stops cold as Vasileios spins around in surprise and the
arrow pierces his tabard, the slow spread of blood the only motion in
the scene.

Your view swings back to the depths of the desert, a mirage slowly
shimmering into reality and revealing the tall spires of some far
away city.  You hear a thud behind you.

You suddenly spiral up from the scene to a bird's eye view of the
body in a pool of blood.  A pair arched eyebrows framing a set of
wide, brown eyes superimpose the scene, gazing into your very depths
before disappearing with a blink.

The chiseled form of Kaikias is revealed by a sudden flash of
lightning, hail being hurled from the basket in his hands.  The scene
pulls away to show the hail falling on an empty field with four
mighty oaks standing  tall at its very center.

And both end with the following, which is the same as before-

As the scene pulls back from the stone winds, a voice recites:

      "Standing on woods of distant shores, a faithful steed will
       show you the way.  There, in the name of the dragon, an enemy
       shall be spared, or the eagle's talons shall drip with scarlet
       essence.  Then shall the 9 equal 1 and be bound by the golden
       avatar's banner of injustice."


Kamarthi was spotted near the scrying bowl the other day, but he
didn't stop to speak with us and it's unclear whether he was just
visiting the oracle or whether he knows about the bowl or not.
Autolycus also paid a visit, informing us that the hull of
Psarigida's ship can be raised. Which means that it's entirely
possible that something large was kept inside of it. Psarigida has
been chatting with us quite a bit recently, which has apparently
raised the ire of Kamarthi, who has demanded to know what that "Sea
witch" has been doing in Athens. When he didn't get the answer he
desired, he attacked with conscripts, priests, and a commander.
Fortunately, Cleft saved us from the commander before too many lives
were lost.

Anything I missed? Let the list know!

September 11, 2005
After various fruit hit people on the head last night, it was
discovered that the images in the scrying bowl have changed once
more. They are now as follows:

The mists part to reveal Zea Harbor, the waters gently lapping up
against the pilings of a wooden dock.  A large war ship sits moored
to the dock and its hull bangs rhythmically against the canvas
bumpers along the sides of its length.  The scene is quiet and
everything seems calm, a few seagulls circling the waves and
searching for food.


The ground beneath you shakes with a mighty heave.


The waters in the previously calm scene begin to bubble and froth as
something large starts to break the surface.


Suddenly the head of an enormous sea serpent breaks the surface of
the bay and snatches one of the circling seagulls out of the air. 
The three birds left of the flock let out harsh cries and race away
from the ocean.


The serpent's head disappears beneath the water, its red eyes the
only evidence of its existence as the water stills.  For just a
moment you think you can see two more pairs of eyes join the first as
they dive down and are lost to the depths.


The chiseled form of Apeliotis flies by in a clear sky, the basket he
is carrying brimming with fruits and grains of the harvest.  A
large 'V' carved of glowing marble superimposes the scene as it fades
to black.

As the scene pulls back from the stone winds, a voice recites:

      "Standing among woods of distant shores, a faithful steed will
       show you the way.  There, in the name of the dragon, an enemy
       shall be spared, or the eagle's talons shall drip with scarlet
       essence.  Then shall the 9 equal 1 and be bound by the golden
       avatar's banner of injustice."


Shortly after the images were revealed, three seagulls flew over the
gate in a frenzy to get away from something. The previous images in
the bowl were in the past, but it looks like it has now reached the
present or, at least, the close future.

September 14, 2005
The visions in the bowl have changed once more last night, and they
are as follows:
The mists part to reveal Zea Harbor, the waters gently lapping up
against the pilings of a wooden dock.  Suddenly time screams
forward, the sun rising and setting four times in quick succession,
the waters teeming with activity during the rapid timeshift.  As
time slows again you see the head of a mighty serpent dip beneath
the waves.  The night sky goes black.

A crowd stands huddled around a well.  As they part, the lifeless
form of a man in seafaring garb comes into view, an arrow protruding
from his chest.

Psarigida stands before the Gates of Athens engaged in conversation
when a young messenger rushes in and hands her a note.  Your view
swings to focus on the parchment as she breaks the seal, five words
flashing out in blinding white: "The Dragon Has Returned."


A pack of savage dogs corner an owl at the Peiraic Gate.  A sudden
force causes them to flee and seconds later an explosion rocks the
foundations of a nearby mountain.  White feathers fall like tears.

As Saturn's Day approaches evening, an eagle flies across stormy
skies.  Gentle winds are blowing southwest, carrying change upon the
snowy wings of an owl.

The chiseled form of Evros is shadowed by the setting sun, his
bearded face wrapped in a heavy cloak.  Huddled beneath the chill
winds, six geese guard a nest of four eggs.

As the scene pulls back from the stone winds, a voice recites:
   "Standing on woods of distant shores, a faithful steed will
       show you the way.  There, in the name of the dragon, an enemy
       shall be spared, or the eagle's talons shall drip with scarlet
       essence.  Then shall the 9 equal 1 and be bound by the golden
       avatar's banner of injustice."

For those curious, a reminder of the first prophecy:

And lo from upon Olympus, shall the Lord Dionysus bemoan the
arrival of his scaled nemesis that shall beach herself upon the
stricken bay of Ares.  This minion of Poseidon's realm inks doom
in thick crimson, poured free from a mighty quill sprung from the
bow of one of the 9.

Looks like Saturday evening is the time for change, though it's
anyone's guess what's going to happen. There should be at least one
more change of visions before Saturday, and it looks like the last
vision will occur on Saturday itself, making a vision for each of
the 8 winds. If the pattern continues, the last wind will be Lips,
who is Southwest and guides a ship.

Any information I left out? Let the list know!

September 16, 2005
As expected, Psarigida came to the gate and received a note. After
she read it, she bluntly said, "Bloody 'ell." and left. Shortly
after that, a new vision was found in the scrying bowl as follows:
The mists part to reveal all of Athens spread before you at a bird's
eye view.  The streets are teeming with activity and everything
seems normal as the tiny people go about their daily business.  From
the southwest an inky shadow begins to ooze over the city as if cast
by roiling clouds.  As it covers the vast metropolis it begins to
take shape...

Kamarthi slowly raises his head, a triumphant smirk painted across
his lips.  He raises a sword before him and the scene fades to...

You hear a splash!  Blood begins to cloud the darkness as if spilled
into water.  A pair of red eyes flash open with sudden interest from
within the velveteen blackness.

Psarigida's face is full of anguish as she rushes to the breaking
waves along the coast of Piraeus.  As the scene blurs into solid
white you hear her wailing, "NOOOOOOOO!"

The blinding whiteness gradually dissolves from off-white to grey
and then finally to black.  You hear a triumphant laugh
reverberating from within the cloying emptiness.


The sudden sound of pouring rain envelops your world.  Looking up
from your spot on the sodden street, the dripping stone face of
Notos greets your gaze.  He pours water from a pot into a seven-
tiered fountain below.


                        ,;~'             '~;,
                      ,;                     ;,
                     ;                         ;
                    ,'                         ',
                   ,;                           ;,
                   ; ;      .           .      ; ;
                   | ;   ______       ______   ; |
                   |  `/~"     ~" . "~     "~\'  |
                   |  ~  ,-~~~^~, | ,~^~~~-,  ~  |
                    |   |        }:{        |   |
                    |   l       / | \       !   |
                    .~  (__,.--" .^. "--.,__)  ~.
                    |     ---;' / | \ `;---     |
                     \__.       \/^\/       .__/
                       | \                 / |
                       | |T~\___!___!___/~T| |
                       | |`IIII_I_I_I_IIII'| |
                       |  \,III I I I III,/  |
                        \   `~~~~~~~~~~'    /
                          \   .       .   /
                            \.    ^    ./


As the skull fades from view, a voice recites:

      "Standing on woods of distant shores, a faithful steed will
       show you the way.  There, in the name of the dragon, an enemy
       shall be spared, or the eagle's talons shall drip with scarlet
       essence.  Then shall the 9 equal 1 and be bound by the golden
       avatar's banner of injustice."

As suddenly as it arrived, the fog lifts and the room is once more
visible.  You release the scrying bowl with a gasp and sit heavily
on the floor.

September 16, 2005
*coughs* Okay. Accidentally hit "Send" before I meant to. Sorry
everyone. For those curious to see the image...uhm...I can't figure
out a way for you guys to see it. So, I guess you'll have to go out to
the bowl before it changes and see it for yourselves.

Autolycus also dropped by today, and informed us that he had seen
several Athenian guards with Kamarthi's men, and that he felt like
they weren't actually Athenian guards. He also said that Kamarthi
seemed nervous, and he thought they were preparing for an attack. Keep
on your guard, no pun intended.

September 17, 2005
Last night, Cleft went down from explosions planted by Kamarthi's men
when Cleft was trying to save the Athenians. His body now lies on
Rhea Road West.

The last vision has appeared to us today at noon.  It is as follows:

The mists part to reveal a full moon, the clouds pulling away to
reveal a clear nighttime sky.  A silhouette of a dragon and eagle
suddenly take flight before opposite sides of the large moon, their
claws ready to strike at one another.  Just before they clash you see
an owl fly between the two raging raptors and everything goes black.


Zephyros appears in a flash of falling flowers.


A hand wipes away a pile of ashes to reveal a fallen statue of Skiron.


Boreas appears to blow a long peal on a conch shell.


Kaikias laughs with glee as he hurls a hailstone straight for your


Apeliotis sits on top of a pile of grain surrounded by baskets of


Evros sits huddled in a corner, wrapped heavily in a cloak, gazing at


Notos turns from filling a pot of water, giving you a sad look.


Lips appears in a flash of light, guiding the stern of a ship into a
bank of fog.  Screams and flashes of light issue from the blanket of
grey, but little of what lies beyond can be seen.

A sudden voice recites:

      "Eight have come and so eight shall go.
       As the hours pass, then you shall know."

As the wind fades from view, another voice recites:

      "Standing on woods of distant shores, a faithful steed will
       show you the way.  There, in the name of the dragon, an enemy
       shall be spared, or the eagle's talons shall drip with scarlet
       essence.  Then shall the 9 equal 1 and be bound by the golden
       avatar's banner of injustice."

Since it happened at noon EST, it looks like 8 is the time. That's
four hours from the time this e-mail is being sent.

October 6, 2005
Finally, what you've all been waiting for. The conclusion to the
prophecies AKA How Kamarthi died. Which, if you don't want to read
the long version written by Scheherazade, is what he did. Kamarthi
is dead, a new warlord named Drakontas is in charge of Piraeus,
Vasileios is alive and is the one who shot Kamarthi, and Psarigida's
ship is wrecked but being rebuilt.

Now, here's the long version. I nagged Scheherazade into doing it
for old time's sake because I thought you all would appreciate that.
(And I really didn't want to try to write it myself even though I
had all the information so I gave the information to her and she
could write it.) This, incidentally, is what happens when you let
bards report:
      And so upon that faithful night as predetermined by the
scrying bowl in Delphi, on a Saturday some two weeks ago did the
Athenians lie in wait.  For what?  They weren't sure, but they knew
that this was the night and the time was right.  Arriving on cue, a
group of mercenaries begins to attack the gate while under cover of
the melee a wagon rolls up onto Rhea Road and begins loading the
lifeless form of Cleft and carting him off toward Piraeus.

      Cleft had been struck down a few nights before, a bomb
leaving him sprawled on the ground as he was taking away a mercenary
commander to the cells and the justice beyond.  Little did he know
of the sappers that lied in wait, and the blast that would lay him

      The cart was pursued by the people of Athens and was stopped
just by the forest between Athens and Piraeus where Kamarthi stood
with his men, an arrow in his hand and a smirk on his face.  A wound
still fresh from the arrow had grazed his neck and he held the
fletching aloft, congratulating us on a near hit.  This is when the
light dawned, apparently.

      Looking at the arrow he expresses disbelief and babbles
something about the prophecy coming true, just not in the way he had
figured.  His men hear the fear in his voice and run for the hills,
Kamarthi panics and grabs Asantewaa, dagger to her throat.  He drags
her off to Piraeus, the rest of the group in pursuit.

      Kamarthi makes a run for Psarigida's ship, perhaps hoping to
put some distance between him and his pursuers that they could not
hope to navigate on foot.  Luckily as he cut the mooring lines and
set himself adrift a few were able to board.  Quickly using the
freight lifting platform they load up the rest of the group and
board them as well.

      Kamarthi, still in a panic, runs for the bow of the ship,
dragging Asantewaa along.  He reaches the figurehead and inches his
way across the precarious perch, pounding waves menacing below.  He
holds the dagger to his hostage's throat, then removes a sword and
pushes it to her unborn baby.

      Minor threats pass back and forth between the rivaling
groups.  Many shouts of letting Asantewaa go along with shouts of
letting Kamarthi go with a few others peppered between.  During this
shouting match a lone figure steps out onto a rocky promontory, the
setting sun eclipsing it as it raises a bow and fires.

      This arrow finds its target true, thudding into Kamarthi's
chest and sending him into the waves... unfortunately Asantewaa was
drug down with him.  Luckily she fell to the side of the anchor
chain and was able to pull herself up.

      A vicious thrashing set the ship rocking, the blood
spreading in the sea calling forth the serpent we had seen from
day's past, its three heads harassing the ship while its body coiled
around protectively to keep its prey locked down.  Another figure
joins the first on the coast of Piraeus, quickly revealing itself as
Psarigida, yelling and screaming about this beast wrecking her ship.

      The Athenians hacked and sawed away at the serpents body as
Psarigida yelled directions and told them not to screw up her ship. 
Finally the ballistas along the deck came into use, the group
working as a team to load and fire them at the serpent's three
heads.  Several people were swallowed and thrown across the deck
during the fight, the serpent's thrashing heads causing havoc all
along the main decks of the ship.

      One by one the serpent's heads were harried, dazed and
confused the monster lashes out with final shrieks and hisses at the
ship.  A final well-aimed bolt lanced the middle head right through
the eye, sending the beast in a frenzy toward the harbor and away
from its prey.

      Thrashing and destroying everything it can reach, the giant
sea monster takes out dozens of ships on the docks and then spots a
small child building sand castles on a beach in the distance.  The
boy's sand castle lies forgotten, his eyes wide as he watches this
terrible beast destroying the wharf.

      Amid the shouts of the heroes upon the ship to stop and
cries of anguish from several, the serpent heads toward the small
child, an evil glare in its five remaining eyes.  The mystery figure
leaps from his place on the rocky promontory and dashes after the
child in a mad rush to scoop him up before the serpent does.  At
this point a second mystery figure joins Psarigida.

      The pirate begins chewing him out for destroying her ship
but stops suddenly at a sharp glance.  The mystery man
bellows, "HOLD!" and the serpent suddenly stops, mewling in the
water like a scorned cat.  By its apparent master's command, the
serpent begins to submerge once again to lick its wounds, but not
before giving Psarigida's ship a petulant thwap with its tail,
sending the ship hurtling toward the dock.

      It connects with a crash, sending everyone aboard flying to
the ground in a heap.  Vasileios runs up, not dead apparently, and
makes sure everyone is okay.  Psarigida runs up and makes sure her
ship is okay, totally ignoring the well being of anyone else.  The
third mystery figure stalks off, not to be seen for another week or
so.  We come to find out that this was Drakontas, the real warlord.

      The thrill of the fight begins to wear off and Asantewaa is
safe.  Suddenly everyone remembers that Cleft is sitting in a cart
in the middle of the road.  Rushing off to bring his body back where
it belongs we find Autolycus.  He had chased down one of Kamarthi's
men and interrogated him and then come back to guard Cleft.

      Apparently Kamarthi, too, had been visiting the oracle and
was getting his own visions.  Apparently he was assured victory if
he could defeat and then claim Cleft's body as a token of his
success.  Ridding himself of Vasileios was also a key factor in this
coming to light, which is why when he saw the arrow he panicked.  It
was Vasileios's.

      As if this revelation weren't enough, Autolycus had also
gone to Alexandria to do some studying up on trolls in the great
library.  He found out that heat = bad when it comes to them and
their brains work far better in a colder climate.  It was entirely
possible his system just shut down as a defensive measure to avoid
further damage during the explosion and intense cold might bring him
back to his senses.

      Everyone is thrilled, of course, and they set out pushing
the wagon to the docks as a team.  Pulling the troll off and
dragging him onto the boat, they finally arrive in Gamblebyen and
drag the troll into a pile of snow.  Several minutes pass and a
click is heard.  The troll's eyes light up and he begins to garble
some sort of nonsense about data and files and warranties and system
reboots before snapping back to himself.  Except "himself" is now
really smart and he tells jokes involving mathematical equations
that are apparently quite hysterical to the analytical mind.

      At any rate they all run back to the ship and head to Athens
again.  Cleft turns to his old self as the heat of Greece fills his
silicon brain and all is well.  The guards at the gates and docks in
Piraeus were killed during the attack or fled, and Vasileios
promised that things would get better and the city would see repairs
being done.  And that, as they say, is that.


To add to this, we have also met Drakontas, and his woman, Shahla,
and her gryphon, Siamak. Shahla only speaks Aramaic, for the record.
You'll get more indepth accounts of them later, I promise.

October 27, 2005
First of all, there's a farmhouse that is serving as the costume
merchant out the Peiraic Gate and to the north. The cornfield right
next to it also holds some hidden treats if you can figure out how
to get them. If getting lost in a corn maze isn't your thing,
though, you can still get some pretty neat things from the merchants
and bartenders around Athens if you ask them for a TREAT. Be careful
though, you may get tricked and then you'll find yourself in a whole
new sort of costume.

The following news items also list things happening in the next few
News 24
Dateline 10/25/2005: TRICKS AND TREATS!

Do you find yourself all dressed up with no place to go?  Looking
for other ghouls and goblins to hang out with?  Join us at the
Palace of Athens on Sunday, October 30th at 7pm Eastern/4pm Pacific
for food, fun and frights!

Dateline 10/26/2005: ARTISTS VISIT ATHENS

The Athens City Council is pleased to announce two artists soon to
arrive!  On Thursday Needila will be in town stitching her magic
with clothing.  And on Saturday Guberta will be arriving to bring
new personality to items.  It is unknown what times or where they
will be arriving those days, so be on the watch for them!