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These are some fame songs Heartsong has written for people in Athens.  Some have since left, but all are remembered!

(This was several years back when he was the first one to actually fight a viking and win.)
The viking sneered at Alcindor,
He'd seen these southerners before.
He smirked and chuckled derisively,
His might this bald warrior would see.

Alcindor met the vikings gaze.
The viking, a startled sound made,
Never had he seen such steel in eyes,
This southern one might be a surprise.

Alcindor unsheathed his longsword of black,
The viking drew his greatsword back.
The two combatants circled warily
Measuring each other's skill carefully.

The greatsword came down in a powerful swing!
Longsword met it, sparks fliying.
Two weapons struck with mighty din,
A furious battle did begin.

Fighting smoothly, almost dancing,
The warriors continued to parry and swing.
The two seemed matched in might and skill.
They started to tire, but fought on still.

The viking swung, Alcindor's block failed.
Norseman smiled thinking he'd prevailed.
Al bleeding and hurt refused to fall,
To beat this foe would take his all.

The next blood spilled was the viking's own,
He'd failed to parry, Al'd driven blade home.
Opponants weakened, ground grew red.
Both knew they would fight until one was dead.

The struggle continued, raging on and on.
Hours passed and neither had won.
Alcindor knew that something he must do.
In his mind an idea grew.

The viking thrust at Al with his might,
Our hero knew the time was right.
Alcindor twisted out of the way of harm,
While Norseman was still leaning forward, Al grabbed his arm.

Pulling quickly and raising his blade,
Using the viking's own momentum to aid,
The longsword struck deeply through heart and chest.
Northernman died, proving Alcindor best.

Alcindor stared at the body at his feet,
Not believing that the viking he had finally beat.
Alcindor had fought him all alone,
His strength and bravery he had shown.

Young gents of Athens beware!
For Gabit, the priestess, is here!
She'll woo all the maidens around,
And for you, young men, none will be found!

In a fight, you will see
Gabit's as strong as can be!
With her mighty priest spells,
She'll best the bad guys and evil quell.

With hazel eyes and silver hair,
She loves all of the maidens fair.
A lover and a fighter beyond compare,
Spicing up Athens with her mischievous flair!

Slipping from shadow to shadow
His hand you'll never see
Dipping into pockets.
Cunning as can be!"

Watch out for your dinars,
And his charming, rogueish grin,
Relieving you of your valuables
while your heart he'll win.

No castle is guarded well enough
To keep their jewels secure.
For when Hawkeye comes to town
Their gems he will procure.

The day of the fishing tourney dawned bright and clear
Llorien gathered up all her fishing gear.
Onto Bjornius' boat she did hop,
Off to find her favorite fishing spot.

Her friends Dordie and Gabit she met there
A trio of fisherfolk beyond compare!
Into the water they did cast their lines
The biggest fish in the lands to try and find.

Dordie got the first bite, she reeled in a trout.
It was quite a monster, something worth bragging about!
Then Gabit's line did wiggle, in a fish she did pull.
It was a huge pike, one fish and her creel was full!

Now Llorien stood waiting - not a nibble or a bite.
When suddenly her pole bent and she had a mighty fight!
That fish zigged and zagged, pulled right and left
Llorien played it carefully with her skill so deft.

The fight went on for hours, both becoming tired.
'Til finally that whopper on the shore became mired.
Llorien had to carry that fish all the way back.
It was to big to fit in creel, satchel or sack!

The sun, by now, was setting in the west low!
Bjornius' ship seemed to go so slow!
Not sure if they'd make it before the compitition's end,
They took off running as soon as they touched dry land!

Just in time they arrived, their fish to weigh.
Llorien plopped up her pickeral, it was the biggest they'd seen all day!
Bertrum etched her name on a trophy of brass
and made a special pole for that prize winning lass!

Pickoer's Gamble
Not so long ago
A gambler came to town,
A trickster and a con-woman,
Taking dinars from all around.

Down in the Sweet Oblivi
Is where she set up her game.
From near and from far
The suckers, they came.

Pickoer headed down
To see the game she ran.
The game was very simple:
Two dice to roll as high as you can.

He sat for quite a while
Watching as she played.
The dice didn't seem to be loaded,
But she was winning anyway.

A young woman entered now,
Desperate look upon her face.
She pulled up a chair
And sat in the looser's place.

"You must give me a chance
My wedding fund to win back.
My fiance will be heartbroken,"
Her body with sobs was wracked.

The gambler just looked her over,
Calculating expression in her eye.
"What do you have to bet?
Why should I give you another try?"

The woman's shoulders drooped,
"I have only what you see."
The gambler considered and nodded,
"If you loose you will be a slave to me."

The woman, she rolled first,
Just as a young man arrived.
"No, Love!" He cried
As she rolled a five and five.

"Too late," the gambler said,
"The roll has already been done.
Now I have but to roll
To see which of us has won."

The gambler scooped up the dice.
She rolled them there and then.
They came up a five and six.
She'd rolled eleven.

The woman let out a wail,
Her fate on the table to see.
The gambler, without even a smile
Said, "Slave, get a drink for me."

Now, Pickoer this whole scene
From the corner had watched.
He saw the lovers' plight,
And felt his heart touched.

He walked up to the table
And across from the gambler sat.
"Her freedom and you must leave Athens,
Against all my dinar, I bet.

The gambler grabbed those dice.
She tossed them with a grin.
A six and a six,
Pickoer couldn't win.

The woman wailed again
All hope seemed to be lost.
Pickoer picked up those dice,
Even though he knew the cost.

He rolled them hard and fast.
One die must've had a flaw,
'Cause when they came to rest
They couldn't believe what they saw.

One die had split in half!
They lay six and six and one.
The unthinkable had happened,
13!  Pickoer had won!

"Thanope is up to more mischief,"
Stated the head priest as he watched his chair fly overhead.
He thought back to when Thanope came to the orphanage.
Remembering that day with dread.
When the head priest got to the garden
What he saw made him let out a sigh.
Thanope had built a catapult.
That's what had made his chair fly by.

The priest was counting the days
Until Thanope was old enough to go.
It wasn't that he disliked the boy,
Just that he frustrated him so!

No punishment that he had tried
Seemed able to stop the lad.
The next day Thanope would be in trouble again.
The old priest thought Thanope would drive him mad.

When asked why he was always in trouble
"I don't know why," Thanope said,
"I just have to relieve my boredom, I guess.
This place is really dead!"

It didn't matter what chores he was given
Or how many prayers he was forced to say,
That priest knew Thanope would find some new trouble
To get into every single day.

There was the time Thanope was caught
Dinars spilling from his hand.
The offering box broken into.
Thanope got his backside tanned.

The priest knew in his heart
There was only one thing Thanope could do.
He hated to see it happen
But he knew Thanope was a rogue through and through.

The priest gave Thanope his first lockpick
and sent him on his way.
Thanope ended up in the city of Athens,
Where he remains until this day.

Xanthian, warrior so true
what is his favorite thing to do?
Slaughtering critters left and right!
Always happy to have a fight!
While watching his dinars acrue!

All evil doers beware!
Turn around, 'cause Xanthian's there!
He'll smash your toes
And bash your nose!
And break bones beyond repair!

Kide's Song
Light dances over a fiery mane of auburn
Creating a halo of glorious flame
Brighter than the jealous sun gazing down from the heavens
Which hides its face in shame.

Soul deep and endless, showing through dark eyes
The secrets of the universe concealed within.
A simple gaze holds all hearts captive
Never wishing to be free again.

The newly-bloomed blushing rose can't compare
To her lips tender, soft grace
Promising sweetness beyond honey or nectar
Just one kiss will all sorrows erase.

Just as a well-crafted dagger seduces
Possessing danger and beauty combined,
Kide incites excitement beyond description
With perfection of spirit, body and mind.


Chikara vs. Collin
Down by the gate we sat one night:
Nazgul, Veggeto, Chikara and I,
Joking and chatting together,
When who should chance to walk by?

Collin, the mighty (snicker) warlord
In through the gate strolled.
Planning his next invasion,
"Athens will be mine," he told.

Well, we were all quite young
In an invasion we knew we would die.
No other stronger defenders were around,
So to stand up to him we had to try.

Chikara, she pondered hard.
"Ah must do sumthin!" she did think.
She gazed at the beer in her hand,
Then asked Collin into the bar for a drink.

Collin thought for a moment
Seeming about to refuse.
Chikara quickly added,
"Ah'm Supplyin the booze.

We all walked into The Hero's Welcome.
Collin pulled up a chair.
Chikara placed her order
And Sid set up the beer.

"Ah only have one last request."
"Ah want to die drunk," Chikara said.
Collin looked her over carefully,
Then silently nodded his head.

He figured she was young
It couldn't take much booze,
And as long as she was buying the drinks
He didn't have much to loose.

Collin continued to plan Athens fall
While drinking along with her.
Some time around the fourth beer
His speech started to slur.

As the two still drank on
Collin felt his pride kick in.
How could he let a mere girl
Sit and out drink him?

Chikara just downed her next mug
And motioned to Sid for more beer.
While Colin started swaying
Chikara's eyes were still clear.

The two continued to drink,
It had become a test of wills.
We slipped Chikara some dinars,
To help to pay the bar bill.

Long into the night they drank
Chikara was sturdy as a rock,
Not even a sway or a wobble,
When Collin hit the floor with a plop!

There he lay snoring,
Passed out on the floor.
Chikara just looked down at him
Then she drank one beer more.

We dragged him out the gate
And left him in the road asleep.
We figured with him unconscious
His invasion plans would keep.

After we went back to the bar
We congratulated Chikara for her acts.
When asked how it felt to be a hero
She answered, "Ah worked up a thirst, as a matter of fact."

Now that was the story
Of how Chikara saved the day.
You think I made it up?
Well, It *might* have happened that way.


One of the gods was looking for a laugh or two
Because she was having a bad day.
The lightning bolt struck from a sky of blue,
Hurling Gimli to the ground, where he lay.
Did that longsuffering rogue yell and make a fuss?
Did he raise his fist high and curse?
Did he send oaths up to Mount Olympus?
Of course he did and much, much worse!

Gimli found himself whisked away by a giant hand
And plopped down for the goddess' merriment.
He had no idea what for him she had planned,
She knew in him she'd found her entertainment.

The goddess commanded, "Make me laugh!"
"Do I look like a jester?" the rogue replied.
The goddess glared and clenched tight on her staff.
Gimli knew he was about to die!

Gimli readied himself for death's pain,
When he heard a surprising sound:
The goddess' laughter soft as rain.
Her amusement she had found.

For hours their banter continued.
Sharp reparte flew back and forth.
With wit the conversation was imbued.
Gimli had proven his worth.

Finally the goddess called it to an end.
Gimli felt laurels forming on his head.
"A gift for amusing me, my friend,
Now it's time you were off to bed.'

The goddess glanced puzzled at Gimli,
Two sets of laurels he had now.
"Oh, you already have some I see."
So now Gimli wears two on his brow.

As the goddess strode away from him
Gimli wondered how to Athens he could get back,
Then he heard the goddess laugh once again.
Another bolt of lightning and his world went black.

Gimli groaned and came around
Back where he'd started at the gate
Charred and smoking on the ground.
It took weeks for those aches to abate.

Seeker of knowledge
Studying the sky.
Watching the stars
As seasons flow by.

Student of wisdom
Reading of the past.
Learning from the stories
Lessons that will last.

Explorer of truths
Observing nature's way.
Analyzing everything
Learning more every day.

Quade's hunger for learning never sated.
Curiousity burns deep in his soul.
Alchemy...his chosen profession.
Knowledge, wisdom and truth..his goals.

An emperor arrived in town
Body guards standing all around.
Jewels dripping round his neck.
Velvet robes upon his back.

Sejast smiled and looked him o'er
This would test his roguish power.
By the time that emperor left town
He was wearing a sackcloth gown.

The rogue with the twinkle in his eye.
He'll take your gems and tell you lies.
All the while he's charming you,
You'll be dinarless when he's all through!

No merchant's free from Sejast's skills.
Somehow he escapes paying bar bills.
Gambling isn't a gamble for him,
He finds the ways to always win!

He'll woo the women of Athens town.
His smile has them all swooning 'round.
He'll kiss their lips and while they're stunned,
Their dinars find the way into his funds!

The rogue with the twinkle in his eye.
He'll take your gems and tell you lies.
All the while you think he's charming you,
You'll be dinarless when he's all through!

The cheetah watched the warrior
From behind some leafy bushes.
She growled softly and she drooled,
She thought he looked delicious!

She knew two-leggers were so weak
Compared to her feline might.
She figured she'd have quite a meal
And it wouldn't even take much of a fight.

She'd feasted on quite a few poor souls
Who did into her hunting grounds wander.
This upright one couldn't give her much trouble.
Looking at him made her mouth water.

Sneaking softly, patiently stalking,
Circling round to come up behind,
Readying herself to pounce
When the perfect time she'd find.

Her muscles bunched beneath her fur,
Now was the time she knew,
To catch her tender human prey.
So toward the man she flew.

Now Tusk, the warrior, sensed her move.
His body moved quick-silver fast!
He threw himself to the side
And that cheetah bounded right past.

The growling cat turned and faced him,
Hunger burned in her golden eyes.
Unsheathing his black iron longswords,
That cat her meal Tusk would deny.

The giant feline paused but a moment,
Then her body became a blur.
She scratched and clawed and bit at Tusk:
A bundle of deadly fur!

Tusk blocked all her blows with ease,
Swinging swords in a graceful dance.
With the skill and strength that Tusk possessed
That cheetah didn't stand a chance.

A pommel strike, elbow, and a reverse,
The struggle lasted but a short time.
The cheetah she died quickly then,
When faced with Tusk's swordsmanship sublime.

Now Thanks to Tusk, the warrior strong
That cheetah no longer lurks
Roaming the Athenian countryside
Preying on innocent folks.


Veggeto's Trophy
Veggeto, my friend and Athenian priest,
Foraged up some earthworms...30 at least,
Decided to go fishing down in the creek,
A big whopping fish to seek.

Sent away his grass snake, Richard by name,
That snake is nice, but not too tame.
Veggeto at the creek bank got out his pole,
All the time thinking of his goal:

Going to catch the biggest fish
Athens has ever seen.
That was his big wish,
That was his dream.
Bertrum's eyes would bug out,
When Veggeto would show him that prize winning trout.
His name on that trophy would gleam!

Into the water he cast his line deep,
When off to his left side a giant fish did leap,
He caught just a glimpse as that fish did swim away
And vowed it would be on his stringer by the end of the day.

His line he did twitch and his pole he did swing,
For that big old fish he would do most anything,
He did everthing he could think of to entice a bite
From that fish of which he'd had such a short sight.

Going to catch the biggest fish
Athens has ever seen.
That was his big wish,
That was his dream.
Bertrum's eyes would bug out,
When Veggeto would show him that prize winning trout.
His name on that trophy would gleam!

He stood there for hours, of that fish no more sign,
Then just as he was ready to pull in his line
His pole, it bent near double and he felt a mighty pull,
He knew it was that fish so he let out a yell.

That fish, it fought hard, quite a fuss did it make,
Veggeto was afraid that his pole might break.
The two locked in combat, fish against man,
It was anyone's guess if he could bring it to land.

Going to catch the biggest fish
Athens has ever seen.
That was his big wish,
That was his dream.
Bertrum's eyes would bug out,
When Veggeto would show him that prize winning trout.
His name on that trophy would gleam!

The fight went on and on with no winner clear,
Then with one more pull it did appear
That mighty fish was tiring, Veggeto would win.
He would be the one to bring that big fish in!

It didn't take much longer once that fish started loosing ground,
Veggeto landed him quickly, but to his surprise he found
Not that big old fish for which he had looked,
It was a tiny minnow he had hooked.

He didn't catch the biggest fish
Athens has ever seen.
That was his big wish,
That was his dream.
Bertrum's eyes wouldn't bug out,
When Veggeto would show him that itty-bitty trout.
His name on that trophy won't gleam.


If you'd like Heartsong to write a fame song or story for you contact her and she'll set up an interview with you.  Songs and stories sometimes take a short time and sometimes take longer, it all depends on how inspired she is.