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Craft verbs:
 CRAFT HELP - Gives you the information below.
 CRAFT LIST - Lists all available crafts.
 CRAFT LIST <craft identifier> - Lists all available projects in the named craft.
 CRAFT SKILLS - Lists all your crafting skills.
 CRAFT HINT <craft identifier> <project identifier> - Gives you a hint as to how to start a project.
 CRAFT HINT <object> - Gives you a hint as to what your next step should be on a project.
 CRAFT STOP - Aborts your current craft, allowing you to start another one.
Note: All identifiers must be spelled out completely.

Skill designations for crafting levels:
00 Utter neophyte
01-09 Dabbler
10-19 Putterer
20-32 Beginner
33-49 Novice
50-66 Amateur
67-83 Aspirant
84-99 Apprentice
100-? Professional

Click on this link to get some information on the crafting system as written by AOH-Bontinor.

Crafts available:



A special "Thank you" to Vaftel for his information on level designations.